Soccer Referee Soccer Shoes

Wear shoes that are only grass are made for you.

Soccer referee turf shoes are just that. They are official, only for football. Their needs are different from the footballers, so Football shoes should reflect your as. Right?

Style and function

We all want to look good on the football field. It does not matter if we are officially a football player or a football. But as a soccer referee also want to make sure that we get the comfort and fit, we need to support our feet. You know how it was after the referee the whole day feels like a tournament. These dogs are tired. So you should expect to your lawn shoes that help you not hurt you.


Although it was recognized that official football shoe has a special on grass but it takes a few options currently available. I have found the following:


Diadora Referee TF Men> Football turf shoe. This shoe fits perfectly with Diadora ® 's referee apparel choices. Designed by a referee for referees, it is equipped with:

A waterproof Suprelltech and Double Mesh Mesh upper for excellent breathability.
An anti-stretch film, anti-slip rear axle liner.
And a removable anatomical insole in cotton and shock absorbing EVA.
Mostly black with white along the side of the sole.
11 oz weight.


adidas Mundial TeamLawn

The upper is made of soft full-grain kangaroo leather with Suede reinforced toe. Stitched for extra durability.
All in black, with the exception of the 3-Stripes.
It has an anatomically shaped tongue.
Outsole: Multi-rubber for excellent traction on artificial surfaces and dry natural fields filled.
Made for referees and players.
Weight 12.7 oz.

adidas Telstar II TRX TF

Full-grain leather for comfort and soft feel.
Synthetic lining. EVAInsole.
All in black, with the exception of the 3-Stripes.
adiPRENE heel for comfort.
Outsole: Traxion TF for use on turf and hard natural surfaces.
Made for referees and players.
10.2 ounces in weight


You will find that all these soccer referee turf shoes are reasonably priced. You can find them for under $ 50, so that each of them would like to officially be a good choice for a football game.

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